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Autobiography service with Life sharing

Autobiography creation and long-term storage (autobiography library) service 「JIDEN」

An autobiography is generally considered valuable information that can be passed down to future generations. Autobiographies are usually reserved for those who are socially recognized, have a high reputation, or are well known. Autobiographies don’t have to be limited to “great people” but should be created by everyday, ordinary people. Your life is important, and now you can easily create your own autobiography.
With "Jiden", you can save not only your own life but also the life of your family and pets as texts and movies for a long time. Share the experiences, ideas, achievements and feelings you have cultivated in your life with your family and people around the world, and save the history of your life in the future.

Examples of how「Autobiography – JIDEN」could be used

Save the whole life, WEB memorial service

It will soon be O-bon season (Japanese traditional Summer break). It’s the time of year to visit your ancestor’s grave to pay your respect. But if you live too far away, it could be difficult to attend….

We are here for you! The JIDEN website has been created for someone like you who wishes to cherish the memories of your ancestors. Let’s get started! Register and start creating your family stories that can be passed on to future generations.
※※If you are unsure how to create your own life stories, we offer a writing service by our JIDEN creators on your behalf. (Extra fee applies).

Go to My Family Tree → Select the JIDEN (autobiography) of your choice (e.g. grandpa, grandma, great grandpa or great grandma.) Read their stories and take a bow to show your respect to their portrait on the last page. You can visit the page anytime and anywhere to commemorate.

New filial piety

Give a unique gift that will last for years to come: You’ve been taking your parents on trips, treated them to a nice meal, bought them an anniversary gift and so on, but it feels too ordinary and you want something more unique to give….

A place for precious memories: How about creating your parents’ life stories and registering them with our JIDEN service? You can share the precious memories with your children and grandchildren so they can look back and connect anytime.

Getting started: Share the idea of our JIDEN service with your parents. Upon your parents’ approval, register and start creating your parents’ life stories. If your parents are unsure about writing their own stories, we have a variety of JIDEN creators at your service. Our creator will write their stories based on the documents and data provided by your parents and post them on our JIDEN Library. (Extra fee applies.)

Future meets the past: Future generations can view their ancestor’s stories by accessing our website!

Pet memory storage, WEB memorial service

It is devastating to experience the loss of a beloved family pet. You may feel sad everyday and you may not be able to bring yourself to do anything.

Do you want to keep and share the precious memories of your pet? The JIDEN website can help you by keeping memories of your pet on our website. ※If you are unsure how to create your own life stories, we offer a writing service by our JIDEN creators on your behalf. (Extra fee applies).

Simply post your memories on the JIDEN website. Posting memories of your pet and viewing them often may help you to move on with your everyday life with a smile.

It may not be that long before you welcome a new family pet.

Confirmation of the family tree (roots)

My curious son once asked me about our family roots, “I want to know our family history, mom!” “Speaking of which, I never thought about it before…”, I wondered. I thought this could be a great opportunity to learn about our family history and document it for our future generations.

That was when I discovered the JIDEN website. At the JIDEN website, you create your own autobiography and each of your family members’ stories can be linked and viewed in the Family Tree. My son is very excited to know that he can learn about our family life stories!

Soon after, I explained to my husband and in-laws about the JIDEN and asked for their cooperation. Each of us registered our profile on the JIDEN website and then we started creating our life stories!

Finally, we showed my son the completed family life stories on the JIDEN website. He looked very happy to learn about the life stories of his parents and grandparents online. “I want to make my own autobiography and show it to my future children.”, he said. I am so glad to know that our family tree will continue to grow with future generations.


What is the autobiography for, and why do you keep it?
We have prepared a column where you can understand our thoughts and autobiography more closely.