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Autobiography service with Life sharing

Autobiography creation and long-term storage (autobiography library) service 「JIDEN」

An autobiography is generally considered valuable information that can be passed down to future generations. Autobiographies are usually reserved for those who are socially recognized, have a high reputation, or are well known. Autobiographies don’t have to be limited to “great people” but should be created by everyday, ordinary people. Your life is important, and now you can easily create your own autobiography.
With "Jiden", you can save not only your own life but also the life of your family and pets as texts and movies for a long time. Share the experiences, ideas, achievements and feelings you have cultivated in your life with your family and people around the world, and save the history of your life in the future.

"Jiden" is derived from the Japanese "自伝" and its pronunciation is "gi;den". This word means to pass on oneself to posterity, and there should be words with the same meaning in English "autobiography", Chinese "自传", and other languages also has same words. We named it "Jiden" as a global language that shares the same meaning.

Examples of how「Autobiography – JIDEN」could be used

has completed on Jiden (the autobiography) site!

Exactly! The other day, I have enjoyed chatting with my friend for a while, so let's keep this memory in "My Page".

Save the whole life, WEB memorial service

It will soon be O-bon season (Japanese traditional Summer break). It’s the time of year to visit your ancestor’s grave to pay your respect. But if you live too far away, it could be difficult to attend….

New filial piety

Give a unique gift that will last for years to come:
You’ve been taking your parents on trips, treated them to a nice meal, bought them an anniversary gift and so on, but it feels too ordinary and you want something more unique to give….

Pet memory storage, WEB memorial service

It is devastating to experience the loss of a beloved family pet. You may feel sad everyday and you may not be able to bring yourself to do anything.

Pet sharing with the whole family

Our pet dog, Chiro joined our family when my sister was 10 years old. My sister, my parents, my grandparents and I all welcomed Chiro as a member of our family.

Confirmation of the family tree (roots)

My curious son once asked me about our family roots, “I want to know our family history, mom!”
“Speaking of which, I never thought about it before…”, I wondered.
I thought this could be a great opportunity to learn about our family history and document it for our future generations.


What is the autobiography for, and why do you keep it?
We have prepared a column where you can understand our thoughts and autobiography more closely.