JIDEN users example 01

  1. JIDEN users example 01 :Save the whole life, WEB memorial service
    It will soon be O-bon season (Japanese traditional Summer break). It’s the time of year to visit your ancestor’s grave to pay your respect. But if you live too far away, it could be difficult to attend….

  2. We are here for you! The JIDEN website has been created for someone like you who wishes to cherish the memories of your ancestors. Let’s get started! Register and start creating your family stories that can be passed on to future generations.
    ※If you are unsure how to create your own life stories, we offer a writing service by our JIDEN creators on your behalf. (Extra fee applies).

  3. Go to My Family Tree → Select the JIDEN (autobiography) of your choice (e.g. grandpa, grandma, great grandpa or great grandma.) Read their stories and take a bow to show your respect to their portrait on the last page. You can visit the page anytime and anywhere to commemorate.