Can I download the photos and videos posted on the homepage from the homepage screen?
The system is protected so that it cannot be downloaded.
Only My Page is set to be downloaded and uploaded.
What happens if I request a proxy creation plan and I am not satisfied?
We promise to carry out the service in good faith so that you will be satisfied. However, since it is a work performed by humans, we will make corrections "before delivery", but we refrain from making corrections "after delivery". Please note that if you request such support after delivery, the service will be charged separately.
How is the long-term library service guaranteed, such as 50 years or 100 years?
Our company's goal is to be a long-term place to house your autobiography. As long as the business continues, this service will be available.
In the unlikely event that business continuity is difficult due to external/internal factors such as changes in the environment on a global scale, advance notice will be given to all registered members, and autobiographical data will be saved by the individual. We will contact you. For other measures, please check the terms of use.
Can I get a receipt?
Yes. It is possible if you need it. Please contact us through the inquiry form on My Page.
If I shorten the library contract period, will the difference be returned?
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we do not give refunds after the contract is agreed. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
Is it possible to "delete" after posting to the library?
Yes. It is possible. You can "delete" it from My Page at any time.
What if I forget my ID and password?
Please take the utmost care not to be known to others, and remember and make notes only by the user.
If you proceed from the "Forget ID and password" button, we will prepare a backup service by replying to an email.
What should I do if I want to share my ID and password with someone other than myself, such as my family?
Please refrain from sharing your user ID and password with anyone else. This is a matter of privacy and responsibility and prevents your autobiographical data being edited or deleted.
The ID and password required to browse the library are the responsibility of the user, and we hope that you can share the information with those who need it.
What if I make a video longer than 30 minutes?
This service has an upload capacity set. Please note that if you exceed that, you will not be able to upload. If it is within the specified capacity, it will be about 30 minutes of video.
What should I do if I exceed the character limit?
Since the character counter is set, if it exceeds that, data cannot be saved or uploaded. Therefore, please re-edit the content to reduce the number of characters.
What happens if I forget to pay the library listing fee?
When the expiration date is exceeded, it will automatically become Not Published, and you will receive an email notifying you that it has become Not Published.
You can log in to My Page even after the expiration date, so if you purchase additional libraries from My Page, they will continue to be posted.
Is there a payment method other than credit card?
Payment can be made via the designated credit card or PAYPAL. However, we listen to the opinions of our users, so in the future, a wider range of payment methods may be adopted.
How is it different from self-publishing?
Paper books fade over time, making it difficult to avoid deterioration. Since our company will be digitally recorded, it will be possible to store your work in its original state for a long period.
Is it okay to specify the page structure when editing the proxy creation plan?
Yes, when creating an autobiographical agency, please discuss in advance with our writers and photo movie editors.
Can I cancel after ordering?
Cancellation is possible before payment. We cannot automatically cancel after payment, but we will respond individually if you email us.
How long does it take to create a proxy creation plan?
It depends on the number of writers or photo movie editors that we have available. Please check before ordering and make a formal order after you are satisfied.
Is there a limit to the number of inserted photos?
There is no particular data capacity limit. Please note that if the capacity is exceeded, uploading will not be possible.
Is it possible to proofread and check the contents before delivery?
Yes, the work will be completed with the consent of the user, so please be sure to check the contents.
When should I pay the money?
Please pay at the timing of your order. You can pay by credit card or PayPal.
Is it possible to make corrections during creation?
Yes, that is not a problem.
How many characters are there per page?
If you create one page with only sentences, it is estimated that you can write about 250 words/page.
Please note that there is a character counter setting when creating.
Can I see a sample?
Yes, you can see it. However, the autobiography of the private setting cannot be viewed by the user. Thank you for your understanding.
I'm an elderly person, is it possible to write my autobiography?
Yes, there is no age limit, so don't worry. If you are not confident in creating it yourself, please consider using our agency creation service.
How do you do the interview?
Basically, interviews are conducted using a meeting tool via the Internet.
We give top priority to the safety of both users and creators, and we do not accept any interviews that are held in person. Thank you for your understanding.
Can I pay by cash or wire transfer?
No, we do not currently support this, but we may do so in the future.
In the future, we would like to respond to the voices of users as needed.
Do you have a recommended computer environment for production?
The recommended environment for using JIDEN is as follows.

Recommended OS
・ Windows 11 or later
· Mac OS X 10.7 or later
・ IOS 13 or later
・ Android 9 or later

Recommended browser
・ Google Chrome latest version
・ Mozilla FireFox latest version
・ Safari latest version
・ Microsoft Edge latest version
Is it okay if I don't have the internet?
JIDEN is an internet service, so please do your best to prepare an internet environment.
Is there a guideline for the recommended internet environment?
Generally, there is no problem if you are connected to the Internet.
However, if the line status is slow or unstable, it may take time to view or upload the movie.
Can I create it on my smartphone or tablet?
Since smartphones and tablet screens are smaller than PCs, it may seem a little inconvenient, but it is possible.
Do I need to install the software?
There is no need to install any specific software.
What is the free service?
The service that can be used free of charge is as follows.
[Free service]
1. Browse the autobiography posted
2. Create ID / create your own autobiography
3. Autobiographical library (first half year after initial creation)
Is there anything to prepare in advance for the proxy creation plan?
Prepare the following contents in advance for smooth communication with creators.
[What you need to prepare]
1. Look back on your life and itemize turning points
2. Organize and prioritize what you want to post
3. Prepare the photos you want to post and convert them to digital data
Can I appoint a creator?
Yes, please select the author from the proxy creation plan.
Is it possible to make corrections after delivery?
We do not accept corrections after delivery. Please note that if we take such measures after delivery, it will be a service that costs extra.
Is it possible to get the data on DVD or USB?
No, please make your own arrangements.
How can I make inquiries by phone?
Currently, we are not accepting inquiries by phone.
For inquiries, please use the inquiry form.
If you have completed user registration or creator registration, you can also make inquiries from My Page.
How can I make inquiries on the Internet?
For inquiries, please use the inquiry form.
If you have completed user registration or creator registration, you can also make inquiries from My Page.
How to back up the created data?
We have prepared a backup server, and rest assured we take great care in storing your autobiographical data.
If you wish to create your own backup, please download and store the autobiographical data from My Page.
Can you print?
Yes, it is possible. However, we do not provide printing services, so we ask that you use an external contractor or yourself to print.
What is the significance of your autobiography service?
Our service is a way to leave your identity for the future as our lifestyles have become more distant and our families more nuclear.
What is the significance of offering a memorial service online?
With the spread of the Internet, the earth has become smaller, people can move more easily, and life in the immediate future has become more convenient. On the other hand, it seems that the number of people who feel burdened by the act of offering a memorial service to their ancestors has increased. Therefore, we have reduced the burden and proposed an online memorial service that will make you feel closer to your ancestors and recollect them.
How can I make a good autobiography?
By summarizing the main points in chronological order and writing your thoughts and feelings at that time in short sentences or bullet points, we believe you can create an autobiography with easy-to-understand content that is easy to convey to others.
[Autobiographical STEP]
1. When looking back on your life, prepare items that will remind you of your memories, such as photos/compositions.
2. Write down the paths, events, and memories you have taken in chronological order.
3. Write down the inner side of your heart that you felt at that time in a bulleted list.
4. It can be completed in 31 minutes, so select what you want to keep and what you don't.
5. Write down the thoughts and feelings of the time when you dig deeper into the content you want to keep, and then write down your reflections at that time and advice from yourself to yourself in the past.
6. A cohesive autobiography is completed by posting photos to complement the text.
Is it possible to switch between "public" and "private" in the library?
Yes. It is possible. You can change the public/private settings at any time from My Page.
[Publication type]
・ Public (viewable by all)
・ Limited release (viewed by canceling password)
・ Not Publish (Hide library)
What should I do if it is difficult to continue because of an unexpected accident or misfortune during the creation process?
For users who have not recorded an account operation for a long time (even though they are in the process of creating an autobiography), we will confirm their intention to continue.
We believe that some users will respond and some will not.
When registering your ID, there is a column called "Preliminary contact person". If there is a description of a preliminary contact person for users who do not respond, we will contact you and respond according to the wishes of the preliminary contact person.
If there is no description in the preliminary contact person column, we are very sorry, but we will delete the account because we judge that it is impossible to continue creating the autobiography due to lack of contact.
Why can I only create one autobiography?
The act of creating two or more autobiographies by one person may lead to fraud such as falsehood and fiction. An autobiography is a way to express one's one-time life. Therefore, we ask for only one autobiography of the person.
What happens to ID management and old works if I recreate the work?
In the case of a person's autobiography, you can delete the old work and upload the new work, or overwrite the new work on top of the old work.
In the case of pet autobiographies, it is possible to create multiple works.
Can others earn money by watching and reading their work?
Since this site aims to prevent exaggeration, falsehood, fiction, etc. as much as possible and leave for the future a factual representation of the user's own life, there is no service that earns income from the created autobiography.
Is it religiously safe to hold a memorial service online?
The online memorial service provided by this service is proposed as a tool for modern life. Therefore, it is completely different from religion, so please decide whether to hold this yourself. We do not accept any financial requests such as opinions, requests, donations, etc. from religious people or religious groups.
What is the membership information used for?
We will use it to improve our service. Please be assured that we will not leak or sell user information.
Is it possible to read an autobiography created in my mother tongue in multiple languages?
We will guide you through multilingual services by using the automatic translation function. However, since it is a mechanical system, it is difficult to avoid elements that cause discomfort and differences in nuances in the text. Thank you in advance for your understanding.