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Autobiography for a Memorial Service

The Importance and Significance of a Memorial Service

I am alive now because I have parents and ancestors who gave birth to me.
I did not give birth to myself. However, human beings are animals that value themselves the most and love themselves more than anyone else, so it is easy to forget where I came from. But everyone has parents and ancestors.
I don't exist without my ancestors and parents who existed. When we return to this origin, it is natural to have gratitude and respect for the source of that life.

When future offspring think of their own identity, you will also serve as an important resource by creating and leaving an autobiography.

Reasons to Use an Autobiography for a Memorial Service

What are the benefits of using an autobiography for a memorial service? Let me give you some examples.

The deceased’s photo is posted on the last page of the autobiography
The purpose of the memorial service is not only to remember the deceased but also to pray for the happiness of all people, including yourself, by giving others the benefits of the memorial service.
However, when you look at the reality, I think that there are people who are busy, cannot afford material items, don’t have money, cannot easily go far, and tend to be neglected for various reasons. For such people, you can continue to connect with your important ancestors by offering a memorial service via the Internet.
How can an autobiography be useful for a memorial service?
I wouldn’t be myself without my parents and ancestors. I think it is a common practice to have gratitude and respect for the source of that life, which leads to a memorial service. By harmonizing modern IT technology there, a deeper memorial service can be realized from the conventional memorial service. It can be stored for a long time by not only thanking and speaking to the grave but also by creating an autobiography and digitizing it. Furthermore, each ancestor's way of life, thoughts, words, and photographs can be preserved without deterioration or weathering. By doing so, you will be able to feel closer to your ancestors, and it will be an opportunity to think deeply about the memorial service.
As a way to confirm your own identity
When you think about where you came from and who you are, one way is for each family member to create an autobiography and keep a record on the family tree. By doing so, it will become a guidepost from the "past" to the "present" and the "future" to future offspring. Leaving life itself as an autobiography in the time you lived will be an irreplaceable and important resource for future families.