JIDEN column

Autobiography as a Pet Memorial Service

Why write a pet autobiography?
What is its significance?

With the development of IT technology, the relationships between humans have become estranged, and the way of life that expects pets to have the habits that humans originally have as animals is spreading all over the world. Also, the value of pets has changed significantly from the past to the present.
For pet owners, pets are more than just animals. They are already an important family member. The sadness of such an important pet when it dies is immeasurable. The pets' autobiography will make your own life meaningful by leaving an important family (= pet) in your mind for a long time and doing a memorial service.

Benefits of Writing a Pet Autobiography

What are the benefits of writing a pet autobiography? Let me give you some examples.

Recover From the Loss of a Pet
Losing an important family member can be very disappointing. In modern times it is described as "pet loss."
To recover from the loss of a pet, it is important to accept reality. However, it is impossible to accept the reality so easily.
Therefore, a pet autobiography is created, and by reading it back, a memorial service is given to the pet. I'm sure pets will be happy too. And it will lead to your own conviction and affirmation and will gradually recover from pet loss.
Leave a proof of family (= pet)
Your pet's life will disappear unless you try to leave it behind. By creating an autobiography, your pet's life will remain in shape. And it will continue to exist for a long time. You can keep your pet alive as proof of your family, at least for the same amount of time that you live.
Creating a pet autobiography also makes sense to record your own life and era.
Share your feelings with someone
It is said that dogs have many commonalities, such as dog owners, cats have cat owners, and owners of the same animal have similar worries and similar problems.
Creating a pet autobiography and sharing it with like-minded people in the autobiography library will help you make new friends and help yourself. It should help make your life, your pet's life more meaningful.