JIDEN users example 04

  1. JIDEN users example 04 :Pet sharing with the whole family
    Our pet dog, Chiro joined our family when my sister was 10 years old. My sister, my parents, my grandparents and I all welcomed Chiro as a member of our family.

  2. As time passed by, I moved to Tokyo for work and now I live by myself.
    My sister attends university in Tokyo and lives alone. My parents moved to the countryside due to my father’s job transfer. Now at home, only my grandparents and Chiro live together.

  3. One day, we heard the devastating news. Chiro passed away from an illness.
    “I wished I could have been with him longer…” “I want to remember him together with my family…”
    We were grieving over the loss of our beloved Chiro while we are apart from each other.

  4. As a way to bring back a smile to our family, my grandpa came up with the idea of using the JIDEN website. He hired the JIDEN creator to write our family story about Chiro.

  5. Chiro’s story has been completed! Now each of our family members can remember Chiro and cherish our memories wherever we are. We can share our memories anytime with our family and we see each other smiling a lot more.