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Become the creator (writer / editor) of Jiden

■ Enjoy writing and/or  
■ are interested in editing short movies/photos.
■ work well independently.

Why not work in your spare time, regardless of your location, according to your own lifestyle?
Wouldn't it be nice to contribute to something meaningful and leave a stamp on history?
As a potential source of income, please consider Jiden freelance business.
As long as you have a computer to type and/or have software to edit photos, there is nothing stopping you from joining the team. We are interested in a wide range of people, from professionals to those who have retired, the elderly, and people with physical disabilities.
Since it is a business in which people provide services to people, So there is no specific standard. It is “So many men, so many minds”.. Experience and possessing relevant skills is not necessarily what we are looking for. We do not set specific standards. If you are compassionate, feel empathy and like to help people in times of need, please apply!



Are you interested in becoming an “Editor” or a “Writer”, but you are not quite confident to proceed?
We have great news for you! Our “JIDEN (autobiography) website” can offer you an editing or writing job that you can do in your spare time.

Regisgtration and Workflow

Registration and workflow for JIDEN creators (writers/photo movie editors).

Creators FAQ

Frequently asked questions for JIDEN creators (writers/photo movie editors).