JIDEN column

The Significance of Writing an Autobiography

Why write an autobiography? What is its significance?

Although IT has become more developed these days, most of the information storage of people who have passed away is still analog. By storing it digitally, I thought that we, who are living now, could lead a more meaningful life.
Also, only a handful of people leave their history as individuals. Therefore, I think it is of great significance that anyone can leave behind the era in which they lived to posterity.
I also think that it is one of the important meanings to be a good opportunity to look back on one's life by creating an autobiography.

Benefits of Writing an Autobiography

What are the benefits of writing an autobiography? Let me give you some examples.

Leave a record of your life for the future.
Everything in your life will disappear unless you try to leave it behind. By creating an autobiography, that life remains physically. It will be passed on to your family, friends, acquaintances, and even offspring and will last forever. And by leaving it to posterity, it will be a valuable resource for reviewing your era.
By looking at yourself objectively, you can reassess yourself.
Recalling and describing your life from memory must be an objective view. In addition to understanding what kind of person you are, you can also look back on past events and feel the difference between before and now. This is also interesting to experience.
This discovery, which was only a bad experience at the time, was actually very meaningful in retrospect, and will be a source of enrichment for future life.
It will be an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive.
You, who are living a tasteless life, with busy days. You who feels lonely.
By writing an autobiography, various hobbies, specialties, etc., that were buried in your memory, reviving those things from your memory will help you to enrich your life.
It will be an opportunity to validate yourself.
When trying to write an autobiography, the first thing that many people think of is that "I have no history worth leaving in the future." There is no proud achievement or excellent ability, and “my life is not worth introducing to others.” But as long as you can't replace your life with others, it's worth it.
Looking back on the past and up to the present, you will surely find a memory that leads to self-affirmation, self-confidence, and self-esteem.
As a tool for self-reflection.
In your daily routine, you may not realize who you are and what you want to do by putting yourself in the second position.
You will find yourself by looking back on your life and spending your future motivated by creating an autobiography. And by putting your beliefs at the center will be a source for living with confidence.
You can re-identify the connection with people.
Writing an autobiography is not just about your own history but about meeting the people, memories, and many experiences you have been involved with. Creating an autobiography may be an opportunity to reaffirm your destiny and ties with others and reconnect with those with whom you have become estranged.