There is no cost to making an autobiography yourself with JIDEN.
You can easily create "anyone", "anywhere", "anytime".
Leave your legacy for the future! This is an autobiography creation and library service.

Maximum 30 minutes in length.

Studies show that humans spend an average of 50 minutes on one activity at a time and we have therefore set a "30-minute rule" so that JIDEN is not too daunting. It is our hope that you will become familiar with this tool, that it will leave a lasting impression and become a resource that you will recommend to your family and friends.
We recommend creating a movie or text autobiography that can be completed within 30 minutes. (For text autobiographies, please limit your characters / words to: 10,000 to 12,000 / 4,500 to 5,000 words). We suggest that you prioritize the story you want to convey, and clearly summarize your content.

If you are concerned about your own creation, please use JIDEN’s creation service. While listening attentively to your story, we will assist you in gathering your recollections, provide you with advice and help you create a deep and meaningful autobiography!

Autobiography library/WEB Memorial Service Fee

* Prices shown include tax

Text Autobiography Photo Movie Autobiography
First half year Free Free
1-year plan US$ 60.00 US$ 90.00 US$ 5.00 / month US$ 72.00 US$ 108.00 US$ 6.00 / month
5-year plan US$ 240.00 US$ 360.00 US$ 4.00 / month US$ 288.00 US$ 432.00 US$ 4.80 / month
10-year plan US$ 390.00 US$ 585.00 US$ 3.25 / month US$ 468.00 US$ 702.00 US$ 3.90 / month
50-year plan US$ 1350.00 US$ 2025.00 US$ 2.25 / month US$ 1620.00 US$ 2430.00 US$ 2.70 / month
100-year plan US$ 1800.00 US$ 2700.00 US$ 1.50 / month US$ 2160.00 US$ 3240.00 US$ 1.80 / month

Autobiography fee

* Prices shown include tax

Personal Autobiography Pet Autobiography
[Free plan]
Create your owntext autobiography/photo movie autobiography
Free Free
[A Plan]
Request a writer to create a novel-style autobiography Target: Text autobiography (system creation)
US$ 980.00 US$ 1480.00 US$ 680.00 US$ 980.00
[B Plan]
Request the editor to create a photo movie autobiographyTarget: Photo movie autobiography
Maximum 6,000 characters + photo
US$ 680.00 US$ 980.00 US$ 680.00 US$ 980.00
[C Plan]
Request proofreading of a created autobiographyTarget: Text autobiography (system creation)
Completed Movie 10 min + Within 100 Materials (photos / videos)
US$ 490.00 US$ 740.00 US$ 340.00 US$ 490.00