Creator (Writer/Editors) FAQ

What happens if the ordering business cannot be continued due to force majeure?
Please contact us.
What happens if I lose contact with the user when proceeding with the ordering process?
Please contact us.
What should I do if I can't communicate with the user and want to cancel the order?
The basic policy is to prioritize the satisfaction of the users, and the creators (writers/photo movie editors) work to meet them and receive rewards.
Please be aware of the parts such as "duty", "responsibility", and "credit", and ask for work until the service is completed. If it is unavoidable, please contact us.
What if I want to cancel my freelance contract?
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us.
What should I do if I want to change the reward amount?
For creators (writers/photo movie editors), we are currently using a uniform compensation system for each project. In the future, we plan to consider giving elasticity to rewards based on user evaluations and abilities. As soon as the new policy is announced, we will notify all registered creators (writers/photo movie editors) by email.
Can I make a freelance contract with a company?
Regarding freelance contracts, currently only individual contracts are available. If we receive many requests in the future, we will reconsider at that point.
I have other jobs, can I get my own information there?
Please be assured that we do not knowingly give out or sell personal information to other companies.
Who will be the copyright holder?
Creators (writers/photo movie editors) perform agency work at the request of users. Therefore, the creators (writers/photo movie editors) do not have any intellectual property rights. Please refrain from reprinting or using the work without the permission of the user.
Is it possible to meet with users and have an interview?
In consideration of your safety, creators and users are not permitted to meet and interview in person.
Is it okay to personally interact with users and exchange contact details?
We do not accept any exchange of contact information. The act of asking users about such things and the act of unilaterally giving contact information from creators (writers/photo movie editors) are strictly prohibited.
Is there a guarantee of compensation?
We receive a prepaid reward from the user and store it temporarily at our company. After the work is completed, we will pay the creators (writers/photo movie editors) according to our payment method.
What should I do if the user is not satisfied?
Basically, correction work is required until the user is satisfied. However, if you need to make corrections more than 10 times as a general rule, please contact us.
Can I cancel after receiving an order?
We do not accept cancellations. If you are unable to complete the work, please contact us.
What are your working hours?
Creators (writers/photo movie editors) will be responsible for how they manage their work. However, when interviewing users, please be sure to make an appointment and make time adjustments on both sides.
Are there any restrictions to freelance work, such as "age", "disabilities", "licenses"?
There are no restrictions on age or for people with disabilities, and no license is required.
How should I build up my achievements?
We will continue to evaluate of creators (writers/photo movie editors) through customer satisfaction responses. Therefore, careful work, one project at a time, can lead to good achievements.
On the other hand, users are more likely to choose by the content of the creator's (writers/photo movie editors) introduction page. We recommend that you regularly scrutinize your content and update your samples.
Is it possible to provide a work place?
Sorry. We do not provide such a place.
Do I have to pay for registration?
No payment is required. All you need is "honesty", "seriousness", and "motivation". We hope that you will register and that this site will be useful as a source of income for your living.
Is it okay if I live in a place other than Japan?
It's okay.
Are there any rules regarding the frequency and time of interviews with users?
We do not have such a thing in particular, but as a guide, the total number of interviews is about 10 hours at the longest, and one interview takes about 1 hour.
Can I work exclusively as a full-time employee?
Currently only freelance contracts are available. In the future, we will notify you when we recruit writers and photo movie editors as regular employees.
Is it possible to pay by overseas remittance?
We will pay you via PayPal. Creators (writers/photo movie editors) are requested to create a PayPal account, and it is possible to receive rewards regardless of where they live.
Can multiple people use one account?
Sorry. Use by multiple people on one account is strictly prohibited.
Is it okay to introduce the work of creators (writers/photo movie editors) to friends and acquaintances?
Yes, there is no problem. If you can work according to this agreement, you can register without any problem.
Is it possible to charge a referral commission when introducing a friend or acquaintance who will be the user?
Sorry. At this time, we do not have such a setting.
However, we plan to implement various promotional measures such as a "friend referral campaign" by users in the future.
Regarding the amount of reward
The reward for creators (writers/photo movie editors) is 70% of the contract amount. For details, please check the contents of the contract again when you conclude a freelance contract.
Regarding how to receive rewards
We pay salary via PayPal.Therefore, we ask all creators (writers/photo movie editors) to create a PayPal account.
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