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    Are you interested in becoming an “Editor” or a “Writer”, but you are not quite confident to proceed?
    We have great news for you! Our “JIDEN (autobiography) website” can offer you an editing or writing job that you can do in your spare time.

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    The creators of “JIDEN (autobiography)” can work anytime and anywhere they want. Anybody can apply! Retired seniors and people with disabilities are also welcome to apply.
    Start your registration and complete the required information. After signing the agreement, you will become a JIDEN Creator!

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    The first step to become a JIDEN creator is to complete your profile and add a sample portfolio highlighting your skills. Clients will look up the creator’s profile that meets their needs and you will be contacted if selected.

  4. No.4
    The creator and client will discuss the terms of their agreement via the JIDEN website. Upon agreement of both parties, the JIDEN program will begin.

  5. No.5
    The creator will listen to their clients’ needs and review the documents and materials provided. The creators will put their passion into their work to exceed our clients’ expectation. Then, the JIDEN (autobiography) will be completed!

  6. No.6
    After completing the JIDEN (autobiography), the creators will send their gratitude to our clients. The clients will be pleased to know that their JIDEN (autobiography) will be passed on to their future generations and it will be satisfying to see the smile on their face.

  7. No.7
    Upon clients’ review and approval, they will press the completion button to finalize, then you will receive the payment. Once you become more familiar and experienced with the process, you may receive more job offers and increase your income.

  8. No.8
    Let’s get your career started as a JIDEN creator! It will be rewarding as you continue to work with us. We look forward to your application!